Advance settings extension gives you complete control over your slider’s features, including its container and tab width, background image, and much more.

Advance Settings


Adjust Container Width

Adjust container width

Adjust the container’s width according to the design of your website.

Advance Settings Adjust Tab Width

Adjust tab width

Adjust the width of the tab on your contact slider forms.

Add background Image

Add background image

Add an aesthetically pleasing background image to your contact slider.

Enable Push Body Effect

Enable push-body effect

Choose to hide the clickable tab on the side of the slider.

Hide Contact Tab

Hide contact tab

Enable or disable the display of the contact tab on your slider.

Advanced Editor

Advanced editor

Manage any content above or after shortcode/content within the contact slider.

Exclude Slider On Selected Post Types

Exclude slider on selected post types

Restrict the display of your contact slider on specific post types

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Advance Settings
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With Advance Settings Addon You can do following

  1. Change container width
  2. Chagne tab width
  3. Add background image.
  4. Enable push body effect
  5. Hide contact tab
  6. Disable full height
  7. More on the way..

You can observe mentioned settings reflecting on this slider

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