Display Multiple Sliders

Display Multiple Sliders extension helps display multiple sliders with different shortcodes or html content on the same page.
Display Multiple Sliders


Display Multiple Sliders with Different Short Codes or HTML

Display multiple sliders with different shortcodes or HTML

Easily display multiple sliders on a single page using different shortcodes or HTML.
Adjust Slider Position

Adjust slider position from the top

Adjust the position of your slider when adding multiple sliders on a page.
Display Multiple Sliders Form Builders

Add your favorite contact form builders

Add contact form 7 in one slider, ninja forms in other and html content in another – the possibilities are endless.

Get the complete collection of extensions in the WP Contact Slider add-ons bundle.

Unleash the power of WordPress Contact Slider at the cost of just two add-ons. PLUS, get access to all future Add-Ons.

Looking for more customizations?

Connect with our professionals today and get the customization options you’re looking for.
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