Display Form Maker in Contact Slider

Adjust Color Scheme & Settings as per your requirement.

  • Label text color: Select the color of your text.
  • Label background color:  Select label background color of the slider.
  • Label border color: Select border color of your slider.
  • Slider Text Color: Choose the text color of your slider.
  • Slider Background color: Select the background color of your slider.
  • Form Background Color: Choose the background color of your form container.
  • Form border color: Select the border color of form container.
  • Slider Position: Select the position of contact slider to open from (Left or Right).
  • Hide on Small Devices: Check on this box for the slider to hide on small devices. e.g.(like Smart Phones).
  • Open Slider by Default: Check on this box, if you want to open the slider by default when the page is successfully loaded.

  • Display on Selected Posts & Pages: Select the page/posts where you want to show the slider, from the drop-down menu of your website pages/posts.

  • What would you like to display: You have two options.
    • Shortcode
    • Text or HTML

  • Shortcode: Place the shortcode of Form Maker in this field and click the type to select Form Maker

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